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Mizuwakasu Shrine


This shrine is an Ichinomiya (highest ranking shrine) of Oki and a Myojin Taisha (a shrine dedicated to an important deity). It is an important cultural center of the Oki Islands and features a unique festival wherein a large float is pulled around the shrine grounds, as well as Yabusame (Horseback archery). The shrine grounds also contain a sumo dohyo (sumo ring) which preserves the ceremonial form of Traditional Oki Sumo, performed only to commemorate highly auspicious events such as the changing of the roof of the shrine. An annual island-wide sumo competition is also held here. The main building is constructed in the traditional Oki style. Nearby this important shrine are kofun (ancient tumulus), an Oki Bull Sumo ring, and two museums (Kyodo-kan Museum of Historical Artifacts and the Sousei-kan Museum of Local Culture).